Mincing Garlic in the Food Processor

I always say that laziness is the mother of invention and for me having less dishes and utensils to wash is a great thing, especially when it is the dreaded garlic press. I say someone somewhere add ingredients through the feed tube to chop them evenly and wondered it is would work with garlic and indeed it did.  Try it the next time a recipe done in the food processor wants you to dirty a garlic press too.

Mincing Garlic

Need to mince garlic for a recipe using your food processor? Lots of recipes have you mincing garlic before you add it with other ingredients to your food processor.  There is no need to do this.

Mincing Garlic

Minced Garlic

Simply turn on the empty processor and drop the peeled cloves in through the feed tube to hit the spinning blades. Watch the garlic bounce around the bowl getting effortlessly and evenly minced. Hooray, mincing garlic evenly and one less thing to wash. Proceed with your recipe.

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Mincing Garlic in the Food Processor — 2 Comments

  1. Brilliant idea. I have had the pleasure of reading your answer to my question during planning for a Chinese Mandarin dinner. I have always used a small sharp knife but today I started the recipe later and I was interested in a quick fix. I thank you.