Carving Chicken

This Week’s Technique – Carving Chicken Carving Chicken 1. Your first cut should be between the leg and the body. 2. Push the leg and thigh down and cut the leg to separate it from the thigh. There is a dark … Continue reading

Three Loaves

A few months ago a fellow food blogger, Jerry James Stone, started a movement called Three Loaves. People sign up, (you can too by clicking the link) get a recipe and make three loaves of bread, one for a friend, … Continue reading

How to cut Peppers

How to cut and slice peppers. If doing this with hot peppers, be careful touching the inside of the pepper with your naked hands. The capsaicin(hot stuff) will stay on your hands, even after washing and it will be painful … Continue reading

Shiitake Mushroom Powder

Mushrooms have a ton of umami, that Japanese word that describes the fifth taste. roughly translated to mean smooth, savory flavor.  It is also described as meaty and savory. There are lots of foods that have umami, like meats, mushrooms, … Continue reading

Mincing Garlic in the Food Processor

I always say that laziness is the mother of invention and for me having less dishes and utensils to wash is a great thing, especially when it is the dreaded garlic press. I say someone somewhere add ingredients through the feed … Continue reading

Setting the Table, An Etiquette Primer

Having your kids set the table is one of the first ways you can have them help in the kitchen and learn some etiquette. Here is a fun way for them to remember where to put what that can also … Continue reading

Hard Cooked Eggs

Getting hard cooked eggs right can sometimes be challenging. Those dark rings around the yolk when you hard boil an egg are yucky and they don’t peel easily.  They are the result of a chemical reaction between the iron in … Continue reading