1/31/2011 So I am knitting a hat for my neighbor. I get about halfway done and realize that I used the deep purple tweed instead of the dark brown tweed.  Apparently I need to turn on more lights in my knitting room.  He tried it on and it was too small too so I don’t feel bad about starting over.  I am a constant source of amusement.

Thank you to my niece for modeling

Thank you to my niece for modeling

2/28/2011 Well I am definitely now on a hat kick.  I just finished a hat for me so of course the temperature has been above 45°F or I floofed (kind of like fluffed) my hair and don’t want to squish it.  I have to find a way coordinate the weather and the floofing.

This hat was done with short row shaping (turning the work before you finish the row) which is really cool because of the way it curves while you are knitting.

BTW: It is really hard to take a picture of yourself in a hat

3/7/2011 My husband now wants a hat.  He lost that old one he has (I think on purpose, but don’t blame him, I didn’t make it.) I also think he felt a tiny bit neglected when I made on for our neighbor.  I am making the same one for him, but with a cable twist in some of the ribs.  I post that picture when I am done.

So I made the hat for my husband and we didn’t like how he looked in it but my son loved it.  (happy ending)  Now he needs to send me a picture of it. (it will not happen, I am a realist)

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