June 2013 T & T

June 3rd

Like any normal person, the 1st thing back after vacation, I clean my refrigerator. NB: it is never this empty or neat. The Lazy Susans really help me find stuff when the fridge is its usual packed to the gills.

June 4th

Wonder why your oven has a “catch” when you open the door? The oven door stays open at that point for broiling. Broiling involves a constant heat source cooking your food. If you close the door, the oven comes up to temperature, the heating element goes off, and you are baking. No catch on your door? That means your oven has a ventilation system that keeps the temp down so the heating element stays on.

June 5th

Prepping for cocktail class tomorrow at Creutzburg Ctr, 5:45pm. Homemade sour mix & grenadine. Amazing cocktails will inevitably follow. There’s still room in the class. Call Amy at MainLineSchool Night 610-687-0460.


June 7

Link to risotto recipe

I know you are all making the risotto as I type, so I want to save the stems from the shittake mushrooms – they have to be removed before cooking – and dry them. Use them as “umami bombs” in soups and stews. Remove after cooking like bay leaves and Parmesan rinds. I finally found the correct photo.


June 8

I made the risotto cakes again last night with the leftovers. They were even better because they were served immediately this time. Here’s the recipe.


June 9

Weeding side yarn before and after pics

June 10

Opened a can of tomato paste because you needed 2 T. Never fear, you need not toss the remainder. Spoon out 1 T portions onto a piece of saran and place in the freezer. When frozen store in a bag -in a place you can find again – in your freezer.

June 11

Use unflavored dental floss to slice goat or other soft cheese. Cheesecake too

Learned today that I only like IPA’s with a malty background. Need the balance. Thank you @AlchySeltzer

June 12

Look at the difference blanching veggies makes on their appearance. Your crudites will thank you. Broccoli is brighter and baby carrots won’t get that chalky look. Dunk carrots/pea pods in boiling water for 15 seconds than in ice water, string beans about 30 seconds and broccoli about 1 minute.

June 15

Sriracha, steak & eggs

June 16 & 17

Something Great for Father’s Day. http://wp.me/p374Yh-gT


June 18

Zest your lemons before juicing even if the recipe doesn’t call for it. The zest (yellow part of the skin) has all the oils in it and will impart a lemony flavor to veggies without turning them that sad green color.

June 19

Butterflying the chicken let the chicken cook evenly, faster and getr crispy all over. Here’s the details on how to do it. https://cre8ov.com/roasted-chicken/


June 20

Here’s what those butterflied birds became. Alchy’s version of Moroccan Spice House Hens. Hint: Beer is involved


Garden so far


June 21

Keep the rubber band around the asparagus before cutting. Way easier to gather all the pieces to throw out, or use in soup.


June 23


When measuring honey, molasses or syrup, spray the measuring cup with Pam & the sticky stuff will slide right out?


June 24

Chart of Non GMO Food Companies  http://www.undergroundhealth.com/non-gmo-food-companies-with-printable-list-of-brands/


Know those little desiccant packets that come with your vitamins or in seaweed snacks to absorb moisture? Weel save them to use in your Kosher or sea salt shakers to keep them free flowing. Just put the packet in whole. Do not open


June 25

You know you can ask me cooking and gardening questions. I’ll even answer them!


June 26th

The 4th of july is coming up so I thought some grilling tips were in order.  1st one: Make your burgers about 30% thinner than you want them They will shrink up on the grill to just the right thickness.


June 27

More tips for #Grilling #4th of July.  NEVER, NEVER press down on your #burgers when grilling. You press out all the juicy ness.  The grill marks will still be there.


June 28

Microwave your marinated chicken for about 10 minutes before putting in the grill. Your chicken will then be cooked before it is a charred inedible ember.

June 29

So after you nuke your chicken put it on the cooler side of the grill. On my gas grill I turn the right side to low, the left side on high.  I put the chicken on the right side and soaked wood chips on the left. I creates a kind of smoky convection oven.  If the chicken starts to get too brown, turn the heat off under the chicken.

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