Pork & Applesauce, Improvised

Apples & Chicken

“Katherine! I heard we’re making pork chops today…is that true?” Annette asked Friday afternoon before class. “Yes!” she said, perceiving her question as excitement about the dish. “Like made out of real pork?” “Yes…” “I can’t eat that,” Annette said, … Continue reading

Fish Tacos

The fish tacos and salad were a big hit last week at CPS. We took Maureen’s suggestion and got the cod that was on sale at Shoprite.  This week we split up the tasks – Nicholas and Annette were in … Continue reading

Learning to Cook Week 2 Moroccan Stew

Week two and we finally had our space in CPS’s fully equipped kitchen. Before we started learning to cook this week we went over our Moroccan Stew recipe. The kids had trouble pronouncing the many spices and had never heard of … Continue reading

Teaching Kids Cooking, Our First Week

​Our class at Community Partnership School (CPS)  is finally underway! We are a couple weeks behind the rest of the schools doing the My Daughter’s Kitchen project.  Katherine Rapin, an intern at Vetri Foundation is my partner and we are … Continue reading

Chicken, Garlic and Veggies

When we sat down with our cooks to go over the recipe for the day, they were a bit wound up, but as Lucas proclaimed over the noise, “Two red onions!” It finally getting us on track. We showed them … Continue reading

Fish, Yes, Kids will Eat it.

Salmon with Spinach and Cream in Papillote, another fish they eat. “I don’t want them scarred for life,” I explained to the fish guy in Shoprite. “We are making this with 10 yr olds and want this to be a … Continue reading