Oatmeal Custard

oatmeal custard

One of the readers of my Facebook page, Marlene, asked if I could work out a recipe for her. She’d love an egg custard/oatmeal recipe she could make on a Sunday and eat every morning during the week. After a little … Continue reading

Passover Brunch Mushroom Brei

Brei, the Yiddish word for fried matzo, is a traditional Passover breakfast dish that, with the addition of wild mushrooms and caramelized onions transforms into the savory brunch dish, Mushroom Brei. It can easily become a dinner side dish, a … Continue reading

Stuffed Matzo, French Toast Style

I was so busy coming up with fancy recipes for Passover that I forgot to post our all-time favorite Passover breakfast, stuffed matzo, which I made this morning. The recipe, and I use that term loosely, is based on something … Continue reading