Ingredient List

I have just started this page; way more will follow. Something you want to know?  Put it in the comments. I’ll answer very soon.

Ingredient List

Aleppo Pepper: A Middle Eastern moderately hot fruity pepper

Arborio Rice:  A short grained Italian rice used for risotto.  The type of starch in this rice is soft when cold making it very nice to use for rice pudding.

Capers: The pickled flower buds of the Caper bush which grows in the Mediterranean and other areas. The fruit called caperberry is also pickled. Nice to use in a martini.

Cornichon:  A small French sour pickle, the same size as a gherkin, but not sweet

Fennel: An mild licorice flavored vegetable whose seed is also a spice. Makes a lovely salad sliced thin or temper the licoricey flavor by cooking it.

Garam Masala:  An Indian spice blend redolent of sweet and other spices. I am particularly fond of the Punjabi blend from Penzey’s Spices

Oats: A grain that is cooked and basically used for breakfast in the US.  You can buy them rolled or steel cut.  The rolled oats are literally rolled and flat and cook faster. The steel cut oats are the whole grains cut into pieces.

Panko: Japanese bread crumbs.  They are coarser and crisper than regular bread crumbs

Preserved Lemon: A middle eastern/North African condiment made by pickling lemons in a lot of salt until they get soft and wonderful. It is really easy.  A post on how to do this will follow soon.

Sriracha:  A magical chili sauce that is wonderful on almost anything. Try it on your breakfast eggs.

Sumac: The dark purple-red berries of the sumac bush are dried or ground and have a fruity, astringent taste. 

Za’atar:  Middle eastern spice blend that includes, sumac, sesame seeds and herbs.

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