Breath & Balance

What do we want to be, as a people, want to be?  Do we want to be self centered and greedy or caring and compassionate? I think the answer, as usual, is somewhere in the middle. Some of the advantages that make America successful are our public structures like highways, airports, schools and the court system.  We believe in the systems that help ensure the health and well-being of our communities.  These public structures are essential for the overall success of our nation.  To look at government only as a “what do I get out of it” (benefits, tax loopholes, etc), ignores how we must work together to solve problems and the interdependence of all citizens in our government.  The public sector must also be transparent and efficient to get results for that public good so we are able to meet the challenges in our country.

Balance and compassion are very important in yoga not only within you but just as importantly around you.  Our fiscal cliff is not an “us or them” challenge, it is a “we the people” challenge.  It is time for everyone, individuals and business to carry their share of the load and give back to the community with a balanced approach of public service, higher taxes and/or higher wages.  Our roads, bridges, energy grids and schools are deteriorating. Economic activity depends on these public systems and structures and is not possible without it. Our past investments in these public structures are the foundation for paving the way to jobs and innovation.

The Ardmore Merion Wynnewood Patch recently posted an article on volunteering opportunities in our community, ways we can make our local community stronger and better.  This attracts businesses to our community.  I think it is ridiculous to give businesses millions in tax breaks to attract them to a community to create 100 jobs. It is up to the people in that community to make it attractive to business with great schools and amenities that make the people that run the business want to live and raise families there. Volunteers can make that happen, whether it is cleaning the park, working in the schools and libraries, helping in a food pantry or taking an elderly person to the doctors – they make the community strong. A basis tenet of yoga is breath and without it, everything to say the least is more difficult. So take a deep breath, turn off the TV, get off the computer and find a way to help.

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