Dear PA Senate

I sent this email to every member of the PA Senate. Feel free to share.
On Monday, tax day, I traveled to Harrisburg from Ardmore to notify the members of the senate of testimony by Dan Meuser, Secretary PA Dept of Revenue on  April 11, 2013 at the  House Finance Committee Testimony. “…less than 1% of all Pennsylvania companies created 44% of all net new jobs. The majority of these job creators were small businesses with between 2 and 9 employees that were established for an average of 5 years.”
I would like to know how you reconcile this statement from the administration with Gov Corbett’s plan to reduce corporate taxes.  These small business job creators are most likely pass through entities who would not benefit from these tax cuts. As I mentioned to your staff member, the Governor’s plan, which creates little or no jobs, would likely create a budget shortfall which would trickle down to counties and municipalities resulting in higher property taxes. This tax shift to the struggling middle class is unconscionable.
Why is Gov Corbett suggesting tax cuts for the companies that are not creating the jobs?  Many of these big corporations already get tax breaks from the state & communities when they locate there, like property tax abatement or being able to keep their sales tax collection giving them a further unfair advantage over the local small businesses, who are the real job creators.
PA should consider closing tax loopholes that penalize PA only corporations and end special tax breaks, so that any real job producing tax cuts could be revenue neutral. Only if everyone plays and pays by the same rules can we invest in our shared future and build a stronger economy.

In a similar vein,  the assembly passed another give away to the least needy, Gov Corbett’s plan to exempt personal & corporate jets and their repair from sales tax.  Using that logic, wouldn’t many more jobs be created if you exempted autos and their repair from sales taxes?  How many more people would be able to afford cars or get their cars inspected?  How many more jobs do you think that would create and how many more people would it benefit vs the increased amount of jets sold in the state?

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