Carving Chicken

This Week’s Technique – Carving Chicken Carving Chicken 1. Your first cut should be between the leg and the body. 2. Push the leg and thigh down and cut the leg to separate it from the thigh. There is a dark … Continue reading

Grilled Tequila Chicken

  Here is my obligatory Cinco de Mayo post, since the food bloggers’ union requires one. I posted guacamole last year and 9 layer dips are just ubiquitous so I don’t want to bother with that.     Tequila Grilled Chicken 1½ tsp cumin … Continue reading

Pork & Applesauce, Improvised

Apples & Chicken

“Katherine! I heard we’re making pork chops today…is that true?” Annette asked Friday afternoon before class. “Yes!” she said, perceiving her question as excitement about the dish. “Like made out of real pork?” “Yes…” “I can’t eat that,” Annette said, … Continue reading

Duck Stock – wonderful things begin

Lindehof Farms at the Oakmont Farmers’ Market had duck carcasses. The ducks had just been harvested and Axel was left with a lot of bones.  I, of course, immediately had to make duck stock to use as a base for … Continue reading

Roasted Chicken

A great roasted chicken, well seasoned with crispy skin, is a perfect company dish during the holiday season, or any season for that matter. I think that butterflying and brining the bird are wonderful techniques to insure a juicy, evenly … Continue reading

Chicken, Garlic and Veggies

When we sat down with our cooks to go over the recipe for the day, they were a bit wound up, but as Lucas proclaimed over the noise, “Two red onions!” It finally getting us on track. We showed them … Continue reading