Growing Herbs

My sister asked, “Any tips on how to grow your own parsley and basil? It goes bad so fast when I buy it at the grocery store.” Both are really easy to grow, even in a partly sunny location. Get … Continue reading

Herb and Spice Blends

Herb and spice blends are real time savers in the kitchen, whether you make your own (much cheaper) or buy them. Recipes below     If you feel you wouldn’t use the more obscure leftover herbs & spices for anything … Continue reading

Pasta with Mushrooms and Pea Shoots

I started a Facebook page to go with my website a couple weeks ago called Creative Tips & Techniques to make Everything Delicious. Since then I have changed the name of the website, but feel they are close enough. Well, I digress. … Continue reading

Garden Gallery

I started taking photos of the garden on 3/15/13 and here has what the garden has done in a month. The Hyacinths started out slowly, but then wow. I love their fragrance which is why they are close to the … Continue reading

Roasted Chicken

A great roasted chicken, well seasoned with crispy skin, is a perfect company dish during the holiday season, or any season for that matter. I think that butterflying and brining the bird are wonderful techniques to insure a juicy, evenly … Continue reading