Culinary Terms

If you find a term missing, let me know in the comments and I will add it. AL DENTE: Italian term used to describe pasta that is just cooked through but there is still a slight resistance to the bite. AU … Continue reading


Generally unrefined oils have lower smoke points and therefore are not as good for frying or high temperature sauteing. For sauteing I use grapeseed or refined avocado oil.  You can raise the smoke point of butter or olive oil by mixing it … Continue reading

Preparing Leeks

How to Trim, Clean and Cut Leeks #4. Use tepid (a little warmer than cool) water to wash the leeks. It removes the dirt easier. #5. The dark green part is used for flavoring, since they are tough and stringy. … Continue reading


Melted Chocolate

 Working with Chocolate I think I should rename this playing with chocolate, since at no time ever, have I worked with the ethereal substance and not been covered in it.  It must be a subconscious dream or something.  Come to … Continue reading

Using Knives

First thing – have and keep your knives sharp. That allows them to do more of the work. You do not need a death grip on your knives if they are doing the work. When slicing round stuff, cut them … Continue reading

What size onion should I use?

size onion

For your recipe ease (which from now on will be know as recipease)
1 medium onion (obviously the one in the middle) = about 1 C chopped onion

Where using a slightly bigger or smaller onion in your recipe is unlikely to ruin the recipe, it is helpful to know how much each size onion is likely to yield.