Salmon with Orange Basil Quinoa Salad

I got a few emails commenting on the picture on my page looking good enough to eat, which indeed it is,  so here is the recipe. The salmon is not pictured.  Lovely heart, healthy Valentine’s Day Dinner Dressing: ½ cup … Continue reading

Chicken, Garlic and Veggies

When we sat down with our cooks to go over the recipe for the day, they were a bit wound up, but as Lucas proclaimed over the noise, “Two red onions!” It finally getting us on track. We showed them … Continue reading

Fish, Yes, Kids will Eat it.

Salmon with Spinach and Cream in Papillote, another fish they eat. “I don’t want them scarred for life,” I explained to the fish guy in Shoprite. “We are making this with 10 yr olds and want this to be a … Continue reading

Fish Tips

  If fish smells fishy it is not fresh and will be wasting your time and money. If you are worried that the fish might not be the freshest, since there is some odor from the fish counter, open the package … Continue reading

Ingredient List

I have just started this page; way more will follow. Something you want to know?  Put it in the comments. I’ll answer very soon. Ingredient List Aleppo Pepper: A Middle Eastern moderately hot fruity pepper Arborio Rice:  A short grained … Continue reading

Start Cooking Here

I know it’s obvious, but before you start cooking, read the whole recipe, because nothing is worse than reading the next line of the recipe that says “reserve 1/2 cup of the cooking liquid” after you’ve just poured that liquid down … Continue reading


Mirepoix is a classic French mixture of about 2 parts onion and 1 part each celery and carrot. It is the beginning of many soups, stew and sauces. My version includes leeks and a bit less celery with a bit … Continue reading