Miso Turkey Soup, Thanksgiving Revisited

I created this recipe after one Thanksgiving when I didn’t just want to make a boring turkey vegetable soup. I searched my fridge, which winds up being a major inspiration for a lot of dinners in my house and Miso … Continue reading

Guacamole Salsa Verde

I love guacamole, but am concerned about the calories, so I lightened it up with a Mexican vegetable (really a fruit) called the tomatillo.  Tomatillos are really interesting; the plants look a lot like tomato plants, but empty papery husks … Continue reading

Calamity Jane Lobster Tails

My daughter is always after me to buy lobster tails, but they are expensive. So when a tree branch fell on her new car (10 days old, 147 miles) smashing the back window and damaging the trunk, etc.  I figured … Continue reading

Moroccan Spice House Cornish Hens

The 2 spice blends in this recipe are combined to imitate a popular Moroccan spice blend called Ras el Hanout which translates from the Arabic as top of the shop. That means top shelf. This is another favorite Passover recipe … Continue reading

Easter Ham-pricot

I was feeling bad about just doing a bunch of Passover recipes and leaving out all you Easter celebrators, even though you could still do the hens and sweet and sour meatballs. After reading on my twitter feed that ham … Continue reading

Stuffed Matzo, French Toast Style

I was so busy coming up with fancy recipes for Passover that I forgot to post our all-time favorite Passover breakfast, stuffed matzo, which I made this morning. The recipe, and I use that term loosely, is based on something … Continue reading

Passover Sweet and Sour Meatballs

The whole family loves my Sweet and Sour Meatballs and they are so simple to make, it is almost embarrassing. Since there is usually brisket at the sedar, which is everyone’s beef quota for the week, I make these little … Continue reading